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Frequently Asked Questions

It is simple to use AllSmile just by following adjustment:

•At first, open the water flosser by sliding the uppercase of water flosser forward.

•Fill the water in the container.

•Close the flosser.

•Set the adjusted mode as your need.

•Select your liked nozzel and fix in the flosser.

Now, you're ready to use the water flosser by turning on the power button.

We should do twice a day our floss but it is better to use AllSmile once a day. And, it doesn't matter what time of day you floss, as long as it gets done!

You should floss your mouth about a minute. It is better to do more but it could harm your mouth inner texture.

As long as you regularly use AllSmile it shows it's great effect. After a week or more you could see it's clear effect in your oral hygiene.