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There are four different Nozzels. All have there's different features and comes by one piece per.

Flossing Mode

It is a Working Mode Selection.
Shortly press to switch Working modes.

Pressure Mode

It is an Adjustable Energy Level.
Shortly  press to switch: Soft, Standard, Strong.


106mm and 66mm cordless water tank with 200ML Storing capacity.

      Why Choose AllSmile?

Removes up to 99.9% of plaque & food particles. 

Comes with Extra-Four Nozzels.

Floss your entire mouth in 60 seconds

360° Rotatable Tip. Clean those hard to reach areas.

Fully waterproof. Aqua floss in the shower. 

Cordless & Portable.

Save the planet & ditch single use plastic string floss.

50% more effective than traditional string floss.

Suitable for All Teeth

Recommended for individuals with Braces, Implants, Fillings, Crowns Bridges & Veneers.

Under 60 Seconds

Achieve perfectly flossed teeth in under 60 seconds. Simply add water and floss away!

Instant Results

Cleaner, Healthier & Brighter teeth instantly!


Who we are

AllSmile delivers wellness on your terms because we believe that you should never have to compromise on oral care products you choose for yourself and your loved ones. We offer premium quality product in Nepal with an affordable price. It’s because we know that choice matters.
We deliver a quick, convenient, and hassle-free shopping experience with proper safety shipping, because we listen and we know what matters to you.



365-days Warranty

What best we can hear about AllSmile

I never recommend any product that I never use or never try. So you say 100% recommended by me. I really love this. So if you want to level up your hygiene game routine, then you should message them on instagram for it. 

Dr. Diksha Sapkota

I was amazed to hear of allsmile's price. I feel the product was premium. It looks so premium but reliable in price. So I personally recommended it. Also the water flosser is better then string floss or normal brush.

Dr. Shikhar Thapa

A game-changer for braces wearers. Hassle-free, effective, and impressive results. Easy to maintaing your teeth, oral wash. You can complete your daily wash within a minute.

Dr. Aastha Khadka

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