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Mini Water Flosser

Mini Water Flosser

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AllSmile is a home dental care device which uses a stream of high-pressure pulsating water intended to remove dental plaque and food debris. 
"There is no excuse to not floss your teeth now. Using this device is so quick & effective!"

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Allsmile Enjoy Your Hygiene

Know about our Nozzel

Classic Jet

• Tip is specifically designed to deliver water or anti-bacterial solutions deep into periodontal pockets as prescribed by your dental professional.

• For best results, use with countertop, ION, or ION Professional water flossers, which allow for more precise tip placement.

• Best for: Periodontal Pockets, Furcations.

Orthodonic Tip

• A standard tip for everyday use.

• Deep between teeth and below the gumine.

• Helps prevent gum disease and improve your oral health.

• Best for: General use.

Tongue Cleaner

• A tip with spoon-like shape of the Tongue Cleaner.

• Effectively traps and removes bacteria and tongue moss from the tongue to help prevent bad breath.

• Best for: Fresher Breath.

Plague Seeker Tip

•A tip with tapered brush on the end.

•Removes plaque from braces and orthodontics.

•Helps flush out bacteria and food debris from around teeth and under the gums.

•Best for: Braces Orthodontic Appliances, General Use.


I am below 18 can I use AllSmile?

⎆ There is no age limit but AllSmile recommended you to use waterflosser from the age of 13years and above.

Can I use AllSmile with braces or dental implants?

⎆ Absolutely! Allsmile water flossers are safe and effective for individuals with braces, dental implants, or other dental work. They can help remove plaque and debris from hard-to-reach areas and promote overall oral health.

Are the batteries replaceabe?

⎆ The batteries of AllSmile's Water Flossers are rechargeable; however, not easily replaceable. The normal lifespan of a battery is 3-5 years, provided they are in a healthy charging and discharging cycle. The product also comes with an 18+6 months warranty. Register your products within 7 days from the date of purchase on

How long does a full charge of the Allsmile water flosser last?

⎆ The battery life of our Allsmile water flossers varies depending on the model. However, on average, a full charge can last for upto three weeks of regular use.

Can I use mouthwash or other solutions with the it?

⎆ Yes, you can add mouthwash or antibacterial solutions to the water compartment of your Allsmile water flosser for a refreshing and enhanced cleaning experience.

Can I Water Floss if I have sensitive teeth?

⎆ Most certainly! We recommend using luke-warm water instead of cold if you have sensitive teeth. You may experience slight discomfort when you first begin Aqua Flossing, especially if you don’t floss on a regular basis. We advise you to start on soft mode and gradually work your way to the normal mode when you become more comfortable.

We asked our customers…

After 1 week 96% saw a major improvement on their oral health